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Understanding Urinal and Toilet Sensors

Urinal and toilet sensors are advanced electronic devices that employ infrared technology to detect the presence of individuals and automatically initiate flushing after each use. These sensors are strategically installed on the wall above the urinal or toilet and connected to the water supply and flush valve. As soon as someone enters the washroom and utilizes the facility, the sensors detect their presence and activate the flushing mechanism, ensuring efficient and hygienic waste disposal. We have categorized our urinal and toilet sensors based on their utility and design, which we will explore further.

The Advantages of Urinal and Toilet Sensors

Embracing the Future of Restroom Hygiene: Maintaining clean and sanitary restrooms is pivotal for any business establishment’s reputation. Neglected washrooms can deter customers and lead to potential business losses. In light of the increasing emphasis on cleanliness and sustainable solutions, it’s time to embrace modern technology and upgrade your restrooms today.
  1. Enhanced Hygiene: The primary advantage of the urinal and toilet sensors is the improved hygiene they provide. These sensors eliminate the need for users to touch the flush handles, significantly reducing the risk of germ transmission.
  2. Water Conservation: Another notable benefit of the urinal and toilet sensors is their contribution to water conservation. By automatically initiating flushing, these sensors ensure that only the required amount of water is used, reducing waste and conserving precious resources.
  3. Cost Savings: Urinal and toilet sensors can yield long-term cost savings for businesses. By reducing water usage, establishments can lower their water bills and save on maintenance expenses associated with broken flush handles.
  4. Enhanced Aesthetics: Our sleek and modern urinal and toilet sensors add a touch of sophistication to any restroom. They also eliminate clutter, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance.
  5. User-Friendly: Urinal and toilet sensors are incredibly user-friendly, making them a popular choice for public restrooms. With no need to touch flush handles, these sensors are particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues.

Our Classification of Urinal Sensors

We offer a wide variety of urinal and toilet sensors, classified below based on their utility and design:

  • – Concealed Urinal Sensors: As the name suggests, these sensors are discreetly installed within the wall, ensuring safety and accuracy. Concealed sensors minimize clutter and contribute to an organized and tidy environment.
  • – Replacement Solution for Concealed Urinal Sensors: This category encompasses models designed to replace existing consolidated urinary sensors. If you require any information regarding replacements, please feel free to contact us.
  • – Exposed Urinal Sensors: These sensors function similarly to concealed urinal sensors but are clearly visible to users. Exposed urinal sensors are typically installed in older restroom facilities, where concealed sensors cannot be fitted due to structural or design limitations. Despite being visible, these sensors offer numerous benefits such as improved cleanliness, water conservation, and user-friendliness.
  • – Integrated/Inbuilt Urinal Sensors: This type of urinal sensor is built directly into the urinal pot itself, eliminating the need for wall installation. Integrated/inbuilt urinal sensors are particularly useful in cases where concealed sensors cannot be fitted due to structural or design constraints.

Automatic Toilet Sensor for Concealed Cistern

Our toilet sensors are similar in appearance to concealed urinal sensors except they are used for toilet flush as they are fitted with high-pressure settings. We have a special product in this category in which our sensor fits in the flush tank, which is available with the flush tank.

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