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Namdhari Industries (NDI)

For the past 22 years, Namdhari Industries (NDI) has established itself as a focused, system-driven engineering company dedicated to delivering high-performance, energy-saving products. With over 15,000 satisfied customers and 300,000 installations, NDI operates from its headquarters in Delhi NCR, boasting a pan-India network and a presence in 11 countries.

You can spot us at prominent locations such as Starbucks, Haldiram, Dominos, V Mart, Burger King, Reliance Mart, Patanjali, and more. Our product range spans from small takeaway windows to large 30-foot doors, from blast freezers operating at -40°C to camelback conveyorized hot ovens at 300°C. Our clientele includes cafes, restaurants, banquets, airports, buses, containers, and communication bunkers used by the military.

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Our dedicated research and development team continuously strives to enhance people’s lives through the creation of high-quality products. Our goal is to achieve outstanding outcomes and transform our offerings into innovative solutions. With our products, we provide a sense of security that simplifies daily life. Our driving force is to lead and influence the future of our industry.

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Namdhari Industries

Our mission

NDI India has always stood for providing the finest products and the best level of service. We aim to grow nationally as well as globally to cater to a larger clientele.

By working independently as a strong firm, we have been able to focus on the production of the best hygiene products which in turn has brought our customers what they’ve wished for_ Quality and Affordability.

Our vision

We are well aware of the impact that our work can be on the world. We aspire to turn this positive impact into a powerful message to the world so they can see our dedication toward sustainability and responsibility.

We are a visionary company that continues to use technology to the best of our ability

Our values

At NDI India, our core values drive everything we do. We are dedicated to excellence, constantly striving to deliver the finest products and the highest level of service to our customers.

Our commitment to growth extends beyond borders as we aim to expand our reach nationally and globally, ensuring that more clients benefit from our offerings.

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Let Us Transform Your Project Vision into Reality

At Namdhari Industries (NDI), we adopt a customer-centric approach to sales. Rather than imposing sales targets on our team, we prioritize assessing their performance based on customer feedback. Our sales team’s primary objective isn’t just to sell products but to thoroughly understand your requirements. If your needs extend beyond our product range, we’re dedicated to connecting you with world-class brands in our network because your project completion is our top priority. Don’t hesitate! Click below to witness the expertise of our sales team as they work tirelessly to bring your dream project to life.