Pvc Strip Curtains

Pvc Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains offer effective control against dust and insect entry. They provide a barrier that helps prevent heat or cold from leaking out of temperature-controlled environments. Made from specially designed PVC material, these curtains are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


The PVC strip curtain has transformed the operational landscape for businesses. These transparent and flexible strips offer numerous advantages, such as enhancing energy efficiency, optimizing workplaces, and maintaining environmental cleanliness. Let’s explore the diverse applications and advantages of PVC curtain strips.

Manufacturer and Supplier of PVC Strip Curtains in India

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Plastic Curtains

Plastic curtains often go unnoticed by commercial and industrial space owners, yet they play a crucial role in maintaining comfort and energy efficiency. These transparent plastic air curtains not only prevent outdoor elements from entering indoor spaces but also contribute significantly to cost savings and environmental conservation.

Plastic Curtains for AC

Plastic curtains are a popular choice for air-conditioned rooms as they effectively block drafts and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Typically composed of vinyl or PVC materials, these curtains, when hung in front of windows or entrances, create a barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. Factors such as room size, air conditioning unit type, insulation requirements, and budget should be considered when selecting plastic curtains for air-conditioned rooms.

Plastic Curtains for Shops

Plastic curtains, made of interconnected plastic strips, provide a flexible barrier between entryways and doors in shops. When undisturbed, these strips form a screen that conceals the entryway while allowing light to pass through. The curtains can easily be pushed aside by individuals passing through the entryway. Despite being thin, these PVC strip curtains can effectively absorb sound, reducing noise levels between rooms without the need for a conventional door.

Plastic Curtains for Offices

In many office and retail settings, installing a door or barrier may not be feasible. During specific periods, plastic curtain walls can provide the necessary privacy or airflow restriction. These curtains offer the advantage of easy installation without the need for professional assistance or specialized equipment. They can be hung from sturdy structures, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted on walls. Additionally, office essentials like landline phones can be conveniently installed alongside these curtains.

Transparent Plastic Curtains

Transparent PVC strip curtains maintain cool room temperatures while allowing ample light transmission. Ideal for entrance doors or sectioning off areas in warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other locations, these durable PVC curtains come in various colors to suit different purposes. They effectively keep birds, flies, and insects at bay, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains Available:

  1. Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains: Ideal for maintaining room humidity and temperature, these blue-textured curtains are easy to use and clean. They enhance workplace safety, provide privacy, and are suitable for warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, and other environments.
  2. Overlapping PVC Strip Curtains: Perfect for low-temperature areas, these mint-green curtains are made of high-quality PVC material, offering flexibility and crack resistance. They help maintain cool temperatures and are suitable for factory entrances and storage areas.
  3. Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains: These curtains offer better visibility and durability, providing a clear view when transporting heavy machinery or tools. They are energy-saving and effective pollution controllers, making them ideal for industrial applications.
  4. Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains: These yellow curtains are suitable for high-traffic areas, highlighted for visibility, air pollution control, and insect repellence. They are easy to install, with curved corners to reduce the risk of injury, and help control noise levels.

Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains:

  1. Partition creation with clear visibility.
  2. Superior to fabric curtains in terms of adequacy and durability.
  3. Washable and suitable for commercial and non-commercial use.
  4. Enhances privacy among coworkers and employees.
  5. Useful for dividing sections in warehouses and storage areas, among other applications.

Installation of PVC Curtains:

  1. Measure the installation area.
  2. Cut the curtains to the desired length.
  3. Mount brackets above the door or window.
  4. Secure the PVC strip curtains to the brackets using screws.
  5. Ensure the strips are close together to prevent dust from entering.

Cleaning PVC Curtains:

  1. Use a wet cloth to clean the curtains on both sides.
  2. Wipe with a dry cloth to remove water spots.
  3. For dirtier curtains, soak them in soapy water and scrub with a brush before drying and reinstalling.
  4. With these simple steps, installing and maintaining PVC strip curtains is hassle-free, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness in various settings.