Queue Manager

Queue Manager

NDI’s Queue Manager offers a comprehensive solution for efficient line and queue management. Our queue manager is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various settings such as banks, public areas, restaurants, malls, and crowded venues, ensuring a seamless and organized experience for all individuals.

Black Queue Manager With Iron Material
Red Extendable Queue Manager Belt
Red Nylon Twisted Queue Manager Rope
Red Velvet Queue Manager Rope With Hook
Silver Queue Manager Retractable Belt Pole
Silver Stainless Steel Queue Manager 1000 MM
Silver Stainless Steel Retractable Belt
Stainless Steel Double Cassettes Queue Manager
Stainless Steel Gold Queue Managers 1000 MM

Queue Manager Stands

Our queue manager stands aren’t just functional; they also add a touch of elegance to any environment. Perfect for locations that prioritize both efficiency and aesthetics, these stands are essential management systems used in various public places such as airports, banks, government offices, and retail stores. They’re designed to efficiently manage crowds and lines, splitting large areas into smaller, organized sections.

Manufacturer & Supplier in India

As the leading queue manager manufacturer and supplier in India, we offer high-quality products at affordable prices. With our fast shipping facility, you can receive your order promptly. Our convenient payment options ensure a hassle-free purchasing experience. Additionally, we are a top hand sanitizer dispenser manufacturer in India, providing comprehensive solutions for hygiene and crowd management.

Queue Manager Price

Our eye-catching queue manager stands are preferred for use in high-profile settings such as red carpet events and business environments. Some stands feature built-in stretchable belts, while others require the attachment of ropes. These stands, commonly seen in malls, airports, hotels, and other venues, effectively manage crowds and lines, symbolizing restricted areas with their distinctive red ropes or belts attached to silver or golden stands. Made with stainless steel, our queue manager stands boast a sleek and classy appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Additionally, we offer a variety of other hotel amenities such as retractable cloth liners and digital safe lockers at competitive prices.

Stainless Steel Queue Manager

Featuring an elegant and modern design, our stainless steel queue managers are rust-proof and durable, making them ideal for various settings, including concert grounds and sporting events. Equipped with thick belts secured around round balls with hooks, these managers effectively control crowds and maintain order in challenging environments. Whether in banks or hospitals, these queue managers help maintain discipline and silence.

Iron Queue Manager

In addition to stainless steel options, we offer a collection of iron queue managers featuring built-in stretchable belts for precise crowd control. Available in blue, red, and black colors, these managers are suitable for various environments, including streets and public spaces.

Crowd Control Sign Holder

Our crowd control sign holder is a useful accessory for sporting areas, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, banks, and other commercial places. If space is limited, you can opt for this board, ensuring clear communication with visitors.

Ropes for Queue Manager

We offer high-quality ropes compatible with our queue manager stands. Whether you need a red nylon twisted belt or a thick velvet rope, we have you covered. These durable ropes are suitable for high-traffic areas and come with golden or silver hooks for added convenience.

Wall-Mounted Queue Manager Belt

Ideal for areas with high foot traffic, our wall-mounted queue manager belt eliminates the need for daily stand placement. Simply fix the small belt stand to the wall, providing a secure and organized crowd management solution. Made from stainless steel, these belts are rust-proof and long-lasting, available in blue, red, and black colors.